A homestead exemption is a legal provision that helps to reduce the amount of property taxes on owner-occupied homes.  The home must be your primary residence.  Applications can be filed year round, but must be submitted on or before April 1st in order to apply for the current tax year.  Applications received after April 1st will be applied to the following tax year.

The home must be your legal residence for all purposes including the registration of your vehicles and the filing of your Federal and Georgia income tax returns. Georgia Law 48-5-444 states, “Each motor vehicle owned by a resident of this state shall be returned in the county where the owner claims a homestead exemption.”   You are not eligible if you or your spouse claim a homestead exemption in another city, county or state. If you are currently claiming homestead elsewhere, you must notify the appropriate authority to remove the exemption.  Homestead exemptions are not granted on rental property, vacant land or on more than one property (in this state or any other state).

Once granted, exemptions are automatically renewed each year.  (One exception is the Fulton County Low Income exemption which the law requires to be renewed every two years)  The renewal continues as long as the homeowner continually occupies the property under the same ownership.  If the deed is changed, the exemption will be removed and the property owner will need to re-file.

In addition to basic homestead exemption, there are additional exemptions available for Fulton County residents.

Please review the Homestead Exemptions Guide to determine the exemptions for which you may quality.  After reviewing the exemptions, click the homestead exemption online portal link at the bottom of this page to file quickly and securely.


  1. If your property is a result of a split from another parcel or if you are in a newly developed subdivision, you will need to file your homestead application manually if your parcel number has not been assigned.
  2. If you want homestead exemption removed from your property, complete a Homestead Removal Form which can be accessed on the Forms and Documents page under Quick Links.
  3.  If you are applying for the disabled exemption, a certificate (provided by the Fulton County Board of Assessors) must be signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in Georgia. Click here to access the form or it can be found under Forms and Documents on the home page.


You will need the following items when applying for homestead exemption:


  •  A valid Georgia Driver’s License or Georgia Identification Card
  • Social Security Number
  • Registration for vehicles owned by and registered in the name of the owner and spouse
  • As a supplement to the Georgia Driver’s License or Georgia Identification Card, staff may also request the following:
    • A prior year utility bill or Fulton County Voter’s Registration Card
  • Trust Affidavit (if the property is in the name of  a trust) and trust documents



  • State and Federal Tax Returns
  • Social Security Award Letter if you do not file income tax